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 Clack egg cutter

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Precision-cut the top off your boiled egg ...

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The perfect gift for anyone who likes a boiled egg for breakfast. This simple and stylish high-quality stainless-steel product comes from Germany where boiled eggs are very popular at breakfast time. Yes - we have to say it - this is a triumph of German engineering expertise. Simply place the Clack over the top of your egg, and let the stainless steel ball drop down. Then simply lift the clack away to remove the top of your egg. The Clack makes a precision cut arount the top of the shell, leaving no bits of shell to fall into the yolk.
  • Stylish accessory for your table
  • Ideal gift for anyone who likes an egg for breakfast
  • Simple to use, safe for children, and very reliable
  • Fits all egg sizes
  • High-quality German-made product in stainless steel - designed to last a lifetime
How the Clack precision egg opener works

The 70g stainless steel ball takes 0.181 seconds to fall down the 16cm shaft, attaining a velocity of 1.77 meters per second, exerting a force on the stainless steel bell-shaped part of 0.6867 Newtons. This is just the right amount of force to cut a perfect ring around the top of the egg, without damaging the rest of the egg shell. The bell at the end is perfectly shaped to grip the top of any-sized egg, so when you lift the Clack away, the cut part of the shell comes away too, leaving a perfectly-prepared boiled egg for you to enjoy.

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  • Thank you. This is all amazingly efficient! kind regards - Kathryn B, Australia
  • Thank you, all well received, Many thanks - Oskar S, London
    Clack Precision Boiled-egg Topper
  • Thank you very much for your quick response and good customer service. Sincerely - Glen D, Dallas, Texas
    Clack Precision Boiled-egg Topper

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